Bonnie Wishes to be Beautiful

I'm Bonnie, I'm 21, and I'm desperate to lose the weight I've stacked on in the past two years. I have a bit of a problem with food, mostly with binge eating and then fasting, but also with occasional purging when I'm having a bad day. None of it does me any good, I continue to put on weight. I'm looking for motivation and inspiration to be healthy.
Height - 5ft1
CW - 84kgs (185pounds)
GW - 54kgs (119pounds)


Lol Tumblrbot, I was so excited to possibly have an actual question from a human-being! My earliest memory is being at the markets, where my Aunty used to run a stall. I remember sitting in the grass, and I was wearing this dress that sort of flaired out around me when I sat cross legged. I remember eating a sausage sandwich, and watching a man with a little dog walking past. Not an exceptionally interesting memory, but it’s still the first thing I can remember. I think I must have been about three.